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Devil’s Advocate Events

  • Last Date to Register: 8th January, 2021

To play the devil’s advocate is to justify an unethical topic just for the sake of arguing, without actually being committed to the views. Participants do not actually have to believe or presume what they are saying when they are putting forward their arguments, they have to simply argue in order to clarify issues and generate debate.


Round 1

The participants will be sent a common topic 7 days prior to the event through the official mail. They will have to prepare a 1-minute video speaking in favour of the topic and the video needs to be sent within 3 days. The topic may not be ethical or politically correct but the participants need to defend the statement irrespective of their personal thoughts regarding the same.


Round 2

  1. Each participant will be asked to choose a random number between 1-25.
  2. Participants will get a topic that is associated with their number and they have to defend that topic.
  3. Each participant will get only 10 minutes to prepare for their argument.
  4. Paper reading is not allowed but participants can take down notes.
  5. Each participant will get 2 minutes for opening speech.
  6. After the opening speech the judge will ask them 1 or 2 questions regarding their topic.
  7. The questioning round will be followed by the closing statement by the participant.
  8. The participants will be judged on the following criteria:
    1. Creativity and novelty of thought.
    2. Clarity and organization of content.
    3. Presentation – tone, modulation, and gestures.
    4. Ability/Art of persuasion and fluency.
    5. Confidence and quality of responses during Q&A round with the judges.



For any queries contact:

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