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Inquesta Events

  • Last Date to Register: 12th January, 2021

You work part-time as Google for your friends, people call you “the Know-it-All”, and while others are busy comprehending the questions, you already have the answers. Congratulations! Mr/Ms special one, you’ve found a special place for yourself. Prepare to be questioned, like never before. Because this is a quiz, like never before. Inquesta is a quiz event that will test your knowledge not only in Economics or Psychology but also in sports, cinema, music, and arts. Winning this event will require more than just bookish knowledge, you must be able to think smart and think quick. So, are you up for this challenge?


Event Rules and Guidelines


  1. The event will be conducted online. The participants will be required to join the event online using a PC with a functioning Webcam and Microphone, participants will not be allowed to use mobile devices to join the event.
  2. A college can field any number of teams for this event. On spot entries are not permitted.
  3. There must be two participants in each team.
  4. The event is divided into 2 levels: Preliminary and Stage. Teams which clear the Preliminary level will move forward the Stage level.
  5. The preliminary level will consist of a written test with questions based on sports, economics, literature, art and general knowledge.
  6. The Stage level will be an amalgamation of multiple rounds based on various categories such as arts, cinema, sports and economics.
  7. The details of each round will be provided on the spot.
  8. Participants will be required to keep their webcams on throughout the duration of the event. Participants will also be required to share their screen in the online meet at the time of answering questions, this is to ensure fair play to all the contestants.

Further details regarding the event will communicated to the participants by E-Mail, after they register for the event.


For any queries contact:


Aditya Tibrewal: +91-9468674300

Venu Gopal: +91-9549945982

Raghav Mittal: +91-9660977565

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