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Pandonomy Events

  • Last Date to Register: 8th January, 2021

Pandonomy 2020 gives you an opportunity to take control of an economy, facing a crisis. The game is all about how you tackle the problems with given resources to achieve the best possible solution.


General Rules


  1. This is a team event
  2. Min. No. of participants per team – 3
  3. No limit on the number of teams per college
  4. Cross college and cross specialization teams are allowed
  5. One participant can be a part of one team only
  6. Modification in team composition will not be allowed post-registration


Preliminary Round

  1. An economic situation will be given to the registered teams. The team which will give the most feasible and practical solutions will be selected for the further rounds.
  2. Only eight teams will qualify for the next round, based on their given solution.


Please Note:

  1. The solution should be of 500-750 words.
  2. The criteria for the selection will solely depend upon the content and the originality of the content. (We don’t test your high-flown language)
  3. Make you submission latest by 4:00 pm on January, 12 (Tuesday). The teams which fail to submit by the deadline will be judged accordingly.

Only qualifying teams will be eligible for the below-mentioned rounds:

Round 1: Quid pro quo

Round 2: The Big picture


Quid Pro Quo

All teams will be given a common pandemic situation. Each of the eight selected teams will represent a country allotted to them. Country given will be hypothetical, given information about the country includes-

  1. A brief introduction
  2. Geo-Political situation
  3. Resource Endowments

A chance will be given to all the teams to trade their resources in the international market via the barter system. By the end of round 1 teams have to submit the final list of resources acquired.
A mail will be sent to all the qualified teams prior to the first round in which detailed instructions for the round will be mentioned.

Six teams will be selected for round 2


The Big Picture

  1. The teams would one by one present their economy’s development plan with the help of acquired resources.
  2. Explain and present it through PPT.
  3. The time limit for the presentation is 8 minutes.
  • Judgement Criteria-
  1. Understanding of the hypothetical economy.
  2. Understanding of the chosen model.
  3. Application of a model to the hypothetical economy.
  4. Involvement of all participants in the team.
  5. Overall impact.

NOTE- Teams will be provided with the whole set of assumptions of the event. NO PERSONAL ASSUMPTIONS WILL BE PERMITTED.


For any queries contact:


Anushka Sharma: +91- 8562008992

Heena Banwani: +91-9660725798

Medha Samvedi: +91-7726866855

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