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Press Quest Events

  • Last Date to Register: 12th January, 2021

Is it journalism? Or is it economics? Or is it a mind splitting amalgamation of both? Charge up the creative cells of your brains! If debating is your way to express your opinions, then Press Quest is definitely going to be your forte.


Round 1

In the first round, participants will be sent an email two days before the event, containing two videos on the same topic highlighting two different perspectives.
The participants have to choose one of the two viewpoints, for which they will then write a news report.

This news report will be made public using social media through the Synergy handle.
Participants can promote their submissions by sharing the official post but only the likes/comments on the official post from the Synergy handle will be taken into consideration for judgment. The judgment will be on two grounds-

  1. The Content, originality, clarity and reliability of the article (50%).
  2. The popularity/positive responses on social media (50%).


Round 2

  1. The participants selected in the first round will reach this round where a panel debate (similar to those on news channels) on a current topic will take place.
  2. The participants will be given a topic for the debate while on camera and they will have 10 mins to prepare their speaking points. Half of the participants will speak for the motion and half against. Titles will be given to participants which they will have to assume during the entire course of debate.
  3. The participants with the most convincing, valid and accurate arguments will become the winners.



  1. This will be an individual participant-based event comprising of two rounds.
  2. Plagiarism in the 1st round (news report) will lead to disqualification.
  3. Use of profanity, vulgar mannerism, disrespectful/hate comments during the online panel discussion will lead to disqualification of the participant.
  4. Word limit for the Article in Round one is 500 words or less.
  5. In the second round, a participant will only speak when the debate coordinator allows them to speak.



For any queries contact:


Shailee Satviki Saboo: +91 9784049769

Srishti Kukkar: +91 96361 84117

Muskan Gambhir: +91 96806 67775


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