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Restructuring the Precedent Events

  • Last Date to Register: 10th January, 2021

Being a student, have you ever read a theory of Economics or Psychology and thought that it can so easily be restructured and implemented today? If you have, then we present you with an opportunity to do so. Be the economist or psychologist you have always wanted to be and restructure some of the most appreciated yet now outdated theories to make them relevant to the present world order. 


General Rules


  1. This is a team event.
  2. No. of participants per team- 2.
  3. No limit on the number of teams per college.
  4. Cross college and cross specialization teams are allowed.
  5. One participant can be a part of one team only.
  6. Modification in team composition will not be allowed post-registration.
  7. In case of any network issues with any of the participants during the rounds, 
the participant will be required to rejoin the meeting and 2 minute buffer time will be given to the team.


Extempore Round


Round 1

Extempore as an event challenges a person to perform confidently with minimal preparation beforehand.


  1. This will be an elimination round.
  2. The topics will be given to the teams on the spot.
  3. Preparation time- 1 minute.
  4. Speaking time- 1 minute.
  5. Each team will be sent to a breakout room for discussion during their preparation time, at the end of which, the team will return to the meeting and present their views.
  6. Judgement criteria- content, spontaneity, co-ordination, confidence, and speaking skills.
  7. 8 teams will qualify for the next round (subject to change).

Please Keep in Mind!

  • There will be 50 participants and only 20 commodities, so let the race begin.
  • The participants will be given a fixed amount for purchasing the commodities and the balance amount will be carried forward to the next rounds. Spend your money judiciously because it’s just the beginning and there is a lot more coming your way.
  • Bid for the commodity sensibly as these commodities will be the substructure for the upcoming rounds. Think carefully and choose your commodity wisely or else you may lose the battle here itself.


Audio Visual Round


Round 2

  1. This round will be held separately for Economics and Psychology.
  2. It will be held in two parts- Audio-visual and rapid-fire.
  3. The participants will have to recognize the scholars on the basis of the questions within the given time limit.
  4. Exceeding the time limit will lead to disqualification of the team.
  5. 4 teams with the highest scores, from each discipline, will qualify to the next round (no. of qualifying teams is subject to change). 6.Judgement Criteria – Cumulative scores from all the quiz rounds.


PPT Presentation Round


  1. This round is the highlight of the event.
  2. The participants will be provided with the profiles and two of the popular theories of the scholars after the completion of the second round (based on the discipline they choose).
  3. The participants will have to restructure any one theory of the theories provided as per their choice, in a unique manner in order to make it relevant to the current environment (economic or psychological).
  4. The participants have to prepare a PowerPoint Presentation explaining how the original theory has become outdated and the modification they suggest in the same to align it with the present times.
  5. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited in the restructuring of the theory.
  6. The teams will be required to mail their final PPT to the organizers 2 hours prior to the commencement of the round.
  7. The time limit for the presentation- 8 minutes.
  8. Judgement criteria- uniqueness, applicability, practicality, and relevance of the idea, analytical, and presentation skills.


For any queries contact:


Aarteey Harpalani: +91-9509547108

Kanvika Sharma: +91-9588945807

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