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State of the Nation Events

  • Last Date to Register: 31st December, 2020

‘It is better to debate a question without settling it than to settle a question without debating it.’ The ever disputed and much controversial, yet an essential and foremost regime of the state is the Law-Making Body. The ‘Model Parliament’ is all about that. It brings you the same, with the equitable set of circumstances, where one keeps the stand and the other opposes for the same. New ideas and innovations make their way right through and illuminate. The title ‘ STATE OF THE NATION’ would be the most appropriate to address this event. Let the best of the leaders bring order from the hustle, witnessing a scuffle of words and wit. Are you willing to take the chance of risk and grab a win or the failure of losing it all, which come thereafter!


Round 1


  1. The registered participants will receive a background guide which will acquaint the participants with the topic elected for the bill.
  2. After scrutinizing the topic, the participants are required to submit a write-up of not more than 200 words sharing their field of vision on the topic by a specified date.
  3. Based on the entries submitted, participants will be selected for Round 2.


Round 2


  1. Qualifying teams will be allotted real-life political parties and representatives of the nation which will be based partly on the write-up and partly on the discretion of the organizer.
  2. The final draft of the bill which will be debated upon in the house will be mailed to the participants 6 days prior to the event and the participants would be asked to propose certain amendments if any. The participants are requested to send the amendments 2 days after the bill has been mailed.
  3. The mentioned draft will further be confabulated and debated upon the final day in the house.
  4. On the basis of the debate among the party representatives, the bill will further be passed or rejected in the house.




  1. The participants are requested to dress-up like their representative politicians.
  2. Plan of action, judgement criteria, and parliamentary proceedings at the event will be duly mailed to the qualifying teams.
  3. The process mentioned in the document may vary from the actual process in the parliament.
  4. This event is a singleton event and not a team event.
  5. There is no cap on the number of participants that can participate in the event. Though, the participants are required to thoroughly cross-check the timetable in order to avoid any clashes with other events the participants maybe participating in.
  6. OTSE is not permitted and applicable for this event. The event is going to be on the online platform.

The event is going to be on an online platform.


For any queries contact:


Tanishq Israni: +91 8003332744

Riya Jain: +91 9828563536

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