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Select Your Type of Registration

Registration Guidelines

Participation Eligibility:
  • Post-Graduate and Undergraduate students are allowed to participate in Synergy '19. Keeping the literal meaning Synergy aims at synchronizing the various energies and young minds from different colleges and locations.

Types of Registration

  • Represents the particular college.
  • Registration and the payment is done online on Synergy website:
  • Full contingent team has to be present at the time of registration.
  • Only one contingent team will be entertained per college. Each contingent team comprises of a Contingent Leader (CL) and one Assistant Contingent Leader (ACL).
  • Only the points scored by the Contingent team will be accredited towards the colleges’ final score tally.

Pre- Registered Non Contingent (PRNC)
  • They do not represent any college i.e., their points are not added to their college(s).
  • Inter- college or Intra- College teams can participate.
  • Registration and the payment is done online on Synergy website:
  • There is no limit to the number of Pre- registered non contingent teams a college can send. However, winners will be awarded with the certificates and trophies.
  • No CL and ACL are required for a PRNC team. However the number of participants should fulfill the minimum criteria.
  • PRNC will be registered on a first come first basis.

On the spot entry (OTSE)
  • Participants do not represent any college and registrations are to be done on the day of Synergy at the registration desk of the event
  • Points awarded are not to be added to any College(s).
  • Inter- college and Intra- College teams can participate.
  • OTSE is allowed in following events:
    • Treasure Trove
    • Inquesta
    • Pitfall
    • Stock shock
    • The Press Quest

  • The OTSE registrations will start 45 minutes prior to the event.

Online Registrations

  • Registration and the payment is done online on Synergy website:
  • After the registrations, the team will be redirected to payment portal where they can make the online payment.
  • It is mandatory for all the participants to deposit Rs. 250 per head as the participation fee, which is not refundable.

Accommodations Details

  • Accommodations are chargeable as Rs.900 per person for three days.
  • The teams registered for accommodation will be notified about the arrangements of the accommodation at the earliest via mail.
  • Accommodations offers:
    • Registrations till 12th September - free of cost.*
    • Registrations till 19th September - 50% chargeable
    • Registrations till 24th September - 75% chargeable
    • Afterwards – 100% chargeable

Please Note

  • College ID card and a valid government ID has to be brought at the time of Registration. In case, you do not have the college - ID card please carry the payment receipt.
  • The teams have to carry their own laptops, cameras and other materials required in various events.
  • The entry is only through the SYNERGY identity cards given at time of registration.
  • Registrations for Synergy’19 will be closed by 3rd October, 2019. No entries will be entertained after this.
  • Registrations for events having online elimination close on 21st September for the respective events.
  • Breakfast and lunch to the participants will be provided on campus.
  • Caution money of Rs.500 per participant is mandatory for all the teams who have registered themselves for accommodation. This amount is refundable. Teams can collect it after the event.
  • Participants (CL in case of contingents) have to collect their participation certificates from the admin team at the end of the day 2, after the closing ceremony.

  • * Free accommodations will be provided on first come first serve basis.
    * Accomodation preference will be given to contingents over prnc participants.

Rules and Regulations

  • There will be only one contingent per event from one college.
  • Admission in the college premises will only be through Synergy '19 passes which will be given on the registration desk which validates entry on both the days of the event.
  • Do not carry any flammable, sharp, alcoholic beverages or any other objects which are potentially dangerous.
  • Any misbehaviour on the part of the participants and visitors will lead to expulsion from the college without any explanation.
  • Anything that can be perceived as being offensive to national and religious sentiments, gender will lead to immediate disqualifications.
  • In case of any damage caused to the college, accommodation venue and sponsored property by the participants, the team and CL will be liable.
  • Eatables are not allowed in the campus.
  • Synergy '19 team has the discretionary powers of exempting participants on the grounds of indiscipline, misbehaviour or any other inappropriate activities.
  • Synergy '19 is not liable for any mishap.
  • All rights are reserved to the college and the Synergy '19 team.