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Rules and Regulations:

  1. There can only be one contingent per event from a college.
  2. Validity of participation in the events can only be verified through unique Login Credentials generated on Synergy ’20-21 website which will be provided to the participants via an email after their registration.
  3. Any misbehaviour on the part of the participants and visitors will lead to immediate expulsion from the event and no further discussion on this will be entertained.
  4. Anything that can be perceived as being offensive to national/religious/communal/gender sentiments etc., will lead to immediate disqualifications.
  5. Team Synergy has the full and sole discretionary powers of expelling participants on the grounds of indiscipline, misbehaviour or any other inappropriate activities.
  6. Any issues arising due to technical/connectivity glitches will not be the responsibility of the event coordinators or Team Synergy.
  7. All rights are reserved to the college and the Team Synergy.



  • Synergy fest will be on 15th January-17th January, 9:00am-9:00pm
  • A College ID card has to be made available by the students at the time of Registration.
  • The participants have to arrange their own laptops, cameras and other materials required in various events and ensure they have a working internet connection.
  • Please check the closing dates for Registration in different events having online elimination for the respective events.
  • Participants and Winners will be provided with E-Certificates and cash prizes within a week after the completion of Synergy.
  • Events will take place on online platforms Zoom and Google Meet due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.