Synergy '15 

Change can be sudden. It could swing both ways. Every sliver of a thought needs to be explored to reach new lands. Execution makes all the difference. But the start is where the power of imagination is unleashed. Rhetorics don’t excite anyone. Let’s take break from the part where we keep talking so vague and take a jump to where we care about creativity and innovative ideas- where we bring in Synergy ’15.
This is the platform to metamorphose theories into practice and skills into winning positions. Don’t worry, we give you a lot of distractions from the mundane. Ideas are incombustible, you can’t torch words. But ideas can spark change. Even charred pages of burnt books are a manifestation of why resistance to change isn’t even a thing. The best kinds of investments are the ones in well thought out ideas. That’s what we do here – We invest in ideas.

Message / Words from our academic mentors

Conclave / Testimonials from participants

Synergy'15 initiated a conversing conclave on the topic "Will the youth of India be able to achieve APJ Abdul Kalam's vision ".
Here we aimed to disseminate the ideas of the institution of Dr. Kalam amongst the youth and the roadmap towards holistic development of the country and society at large.

"Make sure you can live for your nation, work for your nation and die for your nation."
- Arpit Dugar

"Problems will always be there, but we can not give up. We have to succeed in the long run."
- Kanta Ahuja

"Even a single person is capable enough to change the destiny of his hand."
- S.S. Bissa


Event Schedule

Registration process

  1. Registrations for Synergy ’15 close on the 5th of September, 2015. No entries will be entertained after this.
  2. For events with online elimination rounds, the registrations close on 1st September, 2015.
  3. For registrations, the contingent team needs to fill Registration Form A and Registration Form B and mail them to and these forms can be downloaded from our website.
  4. In Registration Form A, the name of the contingent leader and the assistant contingent leader needs to be given. This should be duly signed by the Principal of the college you are representing.
  5. College-id has to be carried by all team members at the time of registration. In case, you do not have a college-id pleas, carry the college fee receipt.
  6. Full contingent has to be present at the time of registration.
  7. OTSE (On The Spot Entry) is allowed only in:
    • Treasure Trove
    • Stock Shock
    • Pitfall
    • Inquesta
  8. For outstation colleges, who will register before 27th August, 2015 will get 50% discount on entire accommodation charges.

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Event Location

St. Xavier's College, Jaipur

Hathroi Fort Road
Jaipur, Rajasthan - 302001

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