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Virtualisation of Ideas

16 - 17 January, 2021

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Vocal for Local

In the era of globalisation and specialization, let’s explore some age old local art forms. In the age of mechanisation, let’s stand with the hand made. In the world of foreign announcements, let’s be vocal for local. This year Synergy becomes the voice of the local artists in its visualisation of ideas with a multitude of events, vivid discussions and some very fun artist sessions.



SYNERGY is not just a fest, but an event where the students of the department collaborate and coordinate with each other to produce and propagate the ideas of practical learning of the subject – Economics. It has now become a trademark of the department with the participation of students spreading to major parts of the country. This all-in-all student endeavour, in its fourth edition has reached a new zenith.

All the best wishes.

Yashwardhan Singh (HOD, Dept. of Economics

Synergy means various energies coming together and I feel in the same sense of Synergy all the students of department come together to execute it. Synergy in real sense helps the students to handle various situations, learn how to execute the plans, how to coordinate. I congratulate the entire Synergy team for the success of this event. This all was possible because of their hard work.

Sapna Newar (Faculty, Dept. of Economics)

Synergy has been true to it’s meaning, it has always brought together vibrant energies of different people and has created long lasting memories for each one who has been a part of it. It is an absolute joyride to work for this fest, it is an experience that we all cherish for lifetime. It has brought together people and I am sure will keep on doing so. All the best for the next chapter of Synergy.

Lukansha Gopalan (President, Economics Council 2018-19)

Synergy is soul of the department of economics. It was originated with an idea of bringing all the colours of economics at a one single place.

For me synergy is not a just a fest, it is that feeling that we all Xavierites capture and live until we all go miles before we sleep.

Shubham Saxena (President, Economics Council 2017-18)

Synergy is the one word that reignites uncountable memories. Of course all the three years that I was a part of were great experiences, Synergy 2016-17 was the most special. Staybacks till late evenings meant team efforts at their best, looking beyond the boundaries of seniors-juniors-teachers and making lifelong friends. We tried to break all previous records and hopefully did smash many! And I only hope and pray that the coming batches emulate us in every way possible!

Aayush Lodha (President, Economics Council 2016-17)

Synergy is not just a fest, but a feeling. Its been 3 years since graduation, and this feeling is what me and my batch mates still long for. It fills me with immense pride to see you successfully take the legacy forward. You guys will kill it. Have fun, be sincere, develop life long bonds. Lots of love and luck, may you be showered with participants and sponsorships. Rooting for you guys from the bottom of my heart,


Anmol Rathore (President, Economics Council 2015-16)